New works are my passion, but I’ll never get tired of creating something new out of classics. Many of the prices listed below are open for negotiation. Please reach out if you have any questions. Click on a service below to learn more or just begin scrolling!

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I have been directing for a few years and have worked on a dozen directing projects. I am an award-winning director based in Idaho Falls. Pricing listed includes estimated pre-production work, production meetings, and rehearsal time.

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10 Min. Play$100+
One Act$400+
Full Length$800+


I have been doing dramaturgy for a few years and have worked on projects in production dramaturgy, new play dramaturgy, and literary management. Depending on the project, I am able to meet face-to-face in the Idaho Falls Area, via video calling, or email correspondence. Because dramaturgy has a lot of different facets, prices are listed based on various services that I am able to offer within dramaturgy. Rehearsal and production meeting attendance is the base price for production dramaturgy, other services listed can be added as desired.

Example 1. You would like a dramaturg for your production and you would like them to do a rehearsal workshop, two post-show discussions, and a lobby display. This would cost $350. However, if you choose not to have a lobby display it totals $250. All services must be decided upon at time of contract.

Example 2. You would like a dramaturg for a script that you are writing. After the first reading, initial feedback, and 30 minute consultation, you decide that you would like to continue work with the dramaturg on an “as needed” basis. From then on, you would pay $20/hr. If during this time you find a festival, competition, etc that you would like to submit your script to, you can then receive more specialized feedback for up to 2 months. Specialized project feedback rates will be negotiated between playwright and dramaturg. After the first reading and initial feedback, you may also pay for an NPX recommendation.

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Production Dramaturgy
Rehearsal and Production Meeting Attendance (up to 15 hours)$200
Rehearsal Workshop and Two Post-Show Discussions+$50
Actor’s Packet and Study Guide+$100
Lobby Display+$100
One-on-One New Play Dramaturgy
First Reading, Initial Feedback, and 30 Minute Consultation$50
As Desired, Readings & Feedback After First Reading$20/hr
Deadline Driven Project (up to 2 months)Varies
NPX Recommendation$10
Organize and Facilitate Reading (including finding readers, securing a location, and marketing for audience members)$100


I have been writing plays for a few years. My plays can be found on NPX (New Play Exchange). Pricing listed is per performance.

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10 Min. Play$25
One Act$50
Full Length$75

Courses and Workshops

I have been teaching one-on-one lessons in various areas of the performing arts since 2016. I am able to teach a wide range of skill levels, ages, and students anywhere in the United States via video lessons. I have availability open for beginning courses following a pre-determined curriculum and intermediate lessons tailored to each individual student. Music lessons and coaching are 30 minutes long. Theatre courses are an hour long and require a minimum of four students to be taught and are limited to ten students. Course descriptions can be found below. Payment plans are available.

I have presented workshops in conjunction with private organizations as well as in high schools. I can present on a myriad of theatrical topics and can tailor the presentations to all age groups. I am able to present face-to-face in the Idaho Falls Area or anywhere else via video calling.

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Simply Creation (6 Week Course)$100
Acting by Direction (6 Week Course)$100
Beginning Guitar (12 Week Course)$150
Beginning Voice (12 Week Course)$150
Acting Coaching (30 Minute Sessions)$20/session
Intermediate Guitar (30 Minute Lessons)$30/lesson
Intermediate Voice (30 Minute Lessons)$30/lesson
Workshops/Speaking Engagements
30 Minutes$75
1 Hour$125
2+ Hour$200 (+$50/every hour past 2 hours)

Other Services

Below is a list of additional services that I can perform as requested.

Podcast/Interview/Presentation Transcription – Ensuring the accessibility of podcasts and presentations for the deaf and hard of hearing community is important to me as someone who also relies heavily on captions and transcription when available. I have worked in office settings that require accurate and efficient typing for a total of 6 years in the last decade. Along with that I have transcribed interviews that I have done as a dramaturg. I am able to transcribe audio and video recordings that are sent to me, but not live presentations. All transcriptions will be delivered via Word Document (and PDF if requested). My turn around time depends on the length of the recording but averages 2-3 business days per recording. Price is based on the length of the recording, not my work time. Price may be higher for more difficult recordings.

Podcast/Interview Editing – The performing arts come in many shapes and sizes. Audio recording is one of those shapes. I have minimal training in audio editing with Audacity, but would love for more experience. All audio files will be returned to you in .mp3 or .wav format. My turn around time depends on the length of the recording but averages 2-3 business days per recording. Price is based on my time spent editing. Price may be higher for more difficult recordings.

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Podcast/Interview/ Presentation Transcription
Up to 15 Minutes$35+
Up to 30 Minutes$70+
Up to 1 Hour$140+
Up to 2 Hours$240+
Rushed Same Day Processing+$25
Bulk Orders of Previously Recorded EpisodesVaries
Podcast/Interview Editing
Per Hour$8
Rushed Same Day Processing+$25/recording

Sam is a ray of sunshine! She is passionate about her work and embraces every challenge that comes her way. When faced with difficulties or unforeseen problems, she always finds a way! She was a great support to me as a stage manager, always being sure to communicate frequently, effectively, and professionally. As a director, she is wonderfully creative, knowledgeable, and personable. Working with her was a great experience.

— Judy Schnebly, Check Mates Stage Manager

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