Other Services

Available Play Rights

  • Out There (10 Min.)
  • How I Lost My Mind at the DMV (10 Min.)
  • The Ghost Light (5 Min.)

Playwriting Commissions

Request a custom 5-10 minute play and request the names, location, and subject matter used. Possible uses for commissioned plays: classroom plays, church youth group activities, family reunions, etc.

Chaperoning Youth Arts Education at Utah Theatre Association Conference

Speaking Topics for Workshops & Conferences

  • Collaboration in the Arts
  • Dramaturgical Skills in Social Media
  • Censorship in the Arts
  • Virtual Theatre
  • COVID-19 and the Arts
  • Arts Education
  • Working in the Arts as a Parent
New Play Exchange Profile

Courses Currently Enrolling

  • Simple Creations (6 Week Course)
  • Acting by Direction (6 Week Course)
  • Beginning Guitar Lessons
  • Intermediate Guitar Lessons
  • Beginning Voice Lessons
  • Intermediate Voice Lessons
  • Acting Coaching

Audio Transcription and Editing

  • Transcriptions up to 2 Hours
  • Transcriptions Delivered via Microsoft Word Document or PDF
  • Transcribe a Podcast, Interview, Presentation, or Other MP3 File
  • Audio Editing Done via Audacity
  • Edited Audio Files will be Returned via MP3 or WAV File

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