Let’s Work Together


Pricing listed includes estimated pre-production work, production meetings, and rehearsal time.

10 Min. Play
One Act
Full Length


Rehearsal and production meeting attendance (up to 10 hours) are included in the base price for production dramaturgy. First reading, initial feedback, and a 30 minute consultation are included in the base price for new play dramaturgy. Other services listed can be added as desired.

Production Dramaturgy
  • Rehearsal Workshop & 2 Post-Show Discussions (+$75)
  • Actor’s Packet & Study Guide (+$125)
  • Lobby Display (+$150)
New Play Dramaturgy
  • Additional Readings & Feedback ($25/hr)
  • Organize & Facilitate a Table Read ($150)
  • Organize & Facilitate a Concert Reading ($200+)


Rights pricing listed is per performance. Processing time for play commissions is 3-5 business days.

Performance Rights
  • Rushed Same-Day Processing (+$50/play)


All courses are offered virtually. In-person teaching has been suspended due to the pandemic.

Simple Creations
Acting by Direction
  • Price for full 6 Week Course
Beginning Guitar
Beginning Voice
  • Price per Lesson
Intermediate Guitar
Intermediate Voice
Acting Coaching
  • Price per Lesson/Session

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Virtual workshops and speaking engagements only. In-person speaking engagements have been suspended due to the pandemic.

30 Minutes
1 Hour
2+ Hours
  • Every Hour Past 2 Hours (+$50)

Audio Transcription & Editing

Processing time averages 2-3 business days per file. Transcription pricing is based on the length of the audio file. Editing pricing is based on my time spent editing. Additional fees may be added at the time of delivery for more difficult recordings.

  • Rushed Same-Day Processing (+$50)
  • Bulk Order of Old Files (Varies)

Sam is a ray of sunshine! She is passionate about her work and embraces every challenge that comes her way. When faced with difficulties or unforeseen problems, she always finds a way! She was a great support to me as her stage manager, always being sure to communicate frequently, effectively, and professionally. As a director, she is wonderfully creative, knowledgeable, and personable. Working with her was a great experience!

Judy Schnebly, Check Mates Stage Manager
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