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Filmed In Front of a Live Studio Audience

Is filming in front of a live studio audience a form of theatre?

Writing Diverse Work

Representation matters. Full stop.

A New Play for Everyone

Every moving part of this show is magnificent. I wish this performance was running longer and that everyone I know would take the time to see it. It is that important. Remember, “it is never too late to be kind.”

Pay Attention to [Those] [Wo]men Behind the Curtain

Today is International Women’s Day and I would like to spotlight some of the amazing women that I have had the chance to work with behind the curtain. Here’s to strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

Forever Tethered to An Other Theater Company

As I sat down on the couch hearing my husband in the other room doing Zoom class and my daughter in her nursery talking herself to sleep, I pulled up yet another online performance. Here we are almost a year into this pandemic and I have learned how much I love the comfort and privacy of watching theatre from home.

Who Are You? A Wonderland Reflection

“Who are you?” The infamous question asked by the Caterpillar in Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland poses a question that can be both shallow and deep, literal and philosophical. Two years ago, Wonderland, a modern-day adaptation written by Frank Wildhorn, opened at BYU. It is my largest project that I have worked on to date and the directing project that has probably changed my life the most.

Dear Mr. President and Madam Vice President

“Dear Mr. President and Madam Vice President,” is a nationwide letter writing campaign, organized by BeAnArtsHero and The Dramatists Guild of America, imploring the incoming administration to prioritize commitment to the Arts.

What I Learned From Black Lives Script Club

“Thus throughout Fall Semester 2020, TMA will provide opportunities for its students, faculty, and staff to think, discuss, and learn deeply about race, equity, and inclusion. More specifically, we will labor together to understand how each of us can contribute to eradicating racism and thereby prepare a more Christ-like world for all of our Heavenly Parents’ children. TMA invites each of you to join us in this initiative. We look forward to standing beside you in this imperative work.” -BYU TMA Department

An Other Theater Company Shoots and Scores with Something to Cry About

Something to Cry About evokes a very intimate feeling of vulnerability on the part of Gist and Williams through personal stories, that even a couple days after watching it has me feeling nothing but love and hurt for those who live their lives experiencing racism.

Content and Trigger Warning Guide: Hamilton

This guide was completed by Samantha Baird, a film lover in Idaho Falls, Idaho.