Idaho Falls, ID

Services and Rates


  • Script Reading – Partial draft or full draft, produced or unproduced, I will thoughtfully read your script and give the best feedback I can. I will never tell you that something about your script is bad or wrong, I will simply ask questions to get you thinking.
  • Application Consulting – Script submissions can be super stressful. Let me help make it a little less stressful. I will help you gather all of the necessary pieces for submitting your script to your favorite opportunities. Not sure where you want to submit your script? I’ll help you find opportunities perfect for you!
  • Sensitivity Reading – As a disabled, Hispanic female, I have a lot of life experiences that others might not. I won’t speak for others in communities that I am a part of because individuals make up a community but a community is not one individual. I will gladly read your script and give feedback about characters and situations for which you might not have lived experiences.


  • Acting Coaching – I am not an actor, but I am a director. Acting coaching through a director’s eyes? Who better than a director to help you prep for auditions, develop your skills, and answer any questions about the audition or production process that you might have?
  • Private Guitar and Voice Lessons – I have been playing guitar for over a decade and singing for as long as I can remember. With me you can take beginning or intermediate lessons of both in a setting that is tailored exactly to your needs, skill level, and goals.
  • Guest Speaking/Workshops – Are you an educator, program director, or podcast host? I am able to speak on a variety of arts topics in an interview or workshop format.


  • Play Directing – From my first student project to assistant directing the regional premiere of Wonderland at BYU, I have experience with more than a handful of directing projects. Though my favorite projects have been premieres of new works, I’m open to almost anything.
  • Production Dramaturgy – With almost two dozen projects in my pocket I am well-versed in production dramaturgy and can offer consulting during rehearsals and deliverables such as actor’s packets, study guides, a lobby display, and more.
  • Plays Available for Production – My plays can be found on New Play Exchange. For now, all plays available for production are short plays, but I’m currently writing my first full length script!


  • Interviews and Research – Are you someone who hates conducting interviews or doing research, but you need it for your next project? Great! I love conducting interviews and doing research. I’m a bit of a nerd. Research is honestly one of my favorite ways to spend time.
  • Arts Reviews/Criticism – I’ve always loved to write but until recently hadn’t figured out what I love to write about. Head over to my blog to see writing samples (including samples on other websites). Let me know if you want me to review your next production or if you have a request for a blog post topic.
  • Play Commissions – Do you have a need for a play but don’t have the skills, time, or desire to write it? Let’s chat! I’d love to collaborate with you to write your dream show.


Because of the varying nature of my work, specific rate information will be provided upon request. Below are standard beginning rates, individual quotes and estimates may differ. Students and those facing financial hardship may qualify for discounted rates. Contact for more information.

services and rates