Idaho Falls, ID

Photo Gallery

One of my favorite parts of working on shows is taking production and publicity photos. A photo gives me something of the show to keep forever after closing night.

Image 1: Peter Breaks Through, BYU Student Project, 2018
Image 2: Like You, BYU Student Project, 2018
Image 3: Steel Magnolias, Covey Center, 2018
Image 4: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, An Other Theater Company, 2018
Image 5: Over the River and Through the Woods, Covey Center, 2018
Image 6: Wonderland, BYU Mainstage, 2019
Image 7: Check Mates, BYU Senior Capstone, 2019
Image 8: Glorious, Covey Center, 2019
Image 9: Rump, BYU MDT Workshop, 2019