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Musical Performance in Mainstream Television

Have you ever been watching a tv show and suddenly there is this random musical number (or even a whole musical episode) that doesn’t quite fit? I’ve noticed it a more than a few times and it is just the strangest thing. The reason for musical numbers may not be initially obvious, but it’s there if we look for it.

Who Are You? A Wonderland Reflection

“Who are you?” The infamous question asked by the Caterpillar in Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland poses a question that can be both shallow and deep, literal and philosophical. Two years ago, Wonderland, a modern-day adaptation written by Frank Wildhorn, opened at BYU. It is my largest project that I have worked on to date and the directing project that has probably changed my life the most.

Performance of Sports: The Obvious Performer

Mascots do a lot of work to keep the fans happy (especially if their team may be falling short in that area). Shoutout to those mascots who keep us smiling when we can’t even see theirs.

Dear Mr. President and Madam Vice President

“Dear Mr. President and Madam Vice President,” is a nationwide letter writing campaign, organized by BeAnArtsHero and The Dramatists Guild of America, imploring the incoming administration to prioritize commitment to the Arts.

What I Learned From Black Lives Script Club

“Thus throughout Fall Semester 2020, TMA will provide opportunities for its students, faculty, and staff to think, discuss, and learn deeply about race, equity, and inclusion. More specifically, we will labor together to understand how each of us can contribute to eradicating racism and thereby prepare a more Christ-like world for all of our Heavenly Parents’ children. TMA invites each of you to join us in this initiative. We look forward to standing beside you in this imperative work.” -BYU TMA Department

Performance of Sports: The Change of the Seasons

With the change of the season comes the change of the sports. I am moving on to the performance of basketball!

Content and Trigger Warning Guides (CTWG) Conclusion

I still believe that all artists have a right to make the art that they want without forced censorship. I believe that forced censorship is dangerous to the arts industry, but everyone who views art should be allowed to pass over their triggers and content that is harmful to them without having to explain themselves. I hope people continue to find the posted guides helpful and someday in the future we may begin writing guides again.

How Do You Find Love that Wasn’t Lost: The Muppet Christmas Carol Confusion

For as long as I can remember my family has had the tradition on Christmas Eve to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. Every year we would turn on the movie to the theatrical version, about halfway through we would stop the movie and switch to the full screen version for a couple minutes, and then go right back to the theatrical version. What? Who switches the version of the movie halfway through just to switch back? Well, we did because the version that we wanted to watch is missing a very important couple of minutes.

Performance of Sports: Designing the Experience

Playing sports isn’t just walking out on the field and doing the thing. There’s a lot of thought that goes into designing the experience so that everyone involved (players, fans, coaches, commentators, etc.) gets the best experience possible.

Content and Trigger Warning Guide: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

This guide was completed by Mackenzie Marrow, a Content Reviewer in Lincoln, Nebraska.