How Do You Find Love that Wasn’t Lost: The Muppet Christmas Carol Confusion

For as long as I can remember my family has had the tradition on Christmas Eve to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. Every year we would turn on the movie to the theatrical version, about halfway through we would stop the movie and switch to the full screen version for a couple minutes, and then go right back to the theatrical version. What? Who switches the version of the movie halfway through just to switch back? Well, we did because the version that we wanted to watch is missing a very important couple of minutes.

“Cancel Culture” vs “Flawlessness Culture?”

In the current world climate there has been a lot of, what has come to be known as, “Cancel Culture.” “Cancel Culture,” is the idea that if one part of something good is bad, then the whole thing is bad. I don’t agree or disagree with the idea of “Cancel Culture” yet, I am still trying to make up my mind and figure out where I stand. What I think is interesting is how people are now also flipping it and saying if one part of something is good, then the whole thing is good.

Educating Young Theatre Artists

Anyone who has gone to a public high school knows that you have core classes that everyone is required to take and then you also can choose from a myriad of elective courses to round out your class schedule. Some students choose auto shop, JROTC, or robotics. Others do mass communications, wood shop, or fine arts. Then there are those who perform in choir, orchestra, band, or theatre.

Guest Writer: Theater for the Common Man vs. Broadway Elitism

There are a million community, professional, and regional theaters out there, but everyone knows that if they want “the best,” it must be Broadway or the West End (if they’re English). When someone works on Broadway, they’re considered a successful theater artisan. However, most people don’t care about that.

A True Homage to the 2020 Tony Awards

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and social distancing, the 2020 Tony Awards have been indefinitely postponed and theatremakers and theatregoers everywhere are feeling its absence. Please enjoy the “Best of the Last 5 Tony Awards (as decided by Samantha Baird).” Featuring, a special honoree as this year’s recipient of the Excellence in Theatre Education Award (as decided by Samantha Baird).