An Other Theater Company Shoots and Scores with Something to Cry About

Something to Cry About evokes a very intimate feeling of vulnerability on the part of Gist and Williams through personal stories, that even a couple days after watching it has me feeling nothing but love and hurt for those who live their lives experiencing racism.

Performance of Sports: The Stages of Football Performance

In as a performer in a stage performance there are two places you can be during a performance, you are either onstage or offstage. That’s pretty straight forward right? On or off? I think we can all follow that. Now that we have set the stage, let’s go ahead and start talking about the stage of football performance.

BYU’s Virtual Theatre Season Starts With Some Illusionary Tales

Since the pandemic began in mid-March we’ve been waiting for art that can be created safely and after six months there are a few theatre groups that have made some changes and have begun streaming live performances. One of these theatre groups is the Theatre and Media Arts Department at Brigham Young University, the alma mater of yours truly.